Nike Bra & Tights Finder

Know the Facts

Defy Gravity

Gravity can damage your breast tissues when you move without proper support.

Perfect Fit

Accurate band and cup measurements ensure that your chest is firmly and comfortably supported.

Firm Foundation

The sport bra band fits slightly firmer than your everyday bra to take on more impact.

Reduce Bounce

Cupped designs provide higher support to minimize the figure-eight movement when you're in motion.

Find Your Size

#1: Band Size

Thread the tape under your arms and place directly under your breasts.

Keep the tape parallel to the floor and measure from the side of your body.

Measure to the nearest half-inch.

#2: Cup Size

Press the end of the tape in the middle of your chest between your breasts.

Measure from where breasts and bone meet, across the nipple to the other side of your breast.

Measure to the nearest half-inch and find your cup size in the table below.

Cup Measurement (Inches)

Cup Size











Check Your Fit


Your band should be firmly secured against your body.


Raise your arms. Size down if the band moves up.


Two fingers should fit comfortably between the strap and your shoulders.

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